Asynchronous Anonymous Tech Demo

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February 22, 2020 at 2:00pm - 4:00pm
JCL, MADD Center (1st floor)
Event Audience:

Abstract: Asynchronous Anonymous Tech Demo

Asynchronous Anonymous is hosting a Tech Demo, February 22nd, 2 - 4 PM, in the MADD Center, where students can showcase any projects they've worked on:

Have a tech project that you’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears on, but no audience to show it to? Are you interested in tech and want to see what cool and exciting things your peers have done? Do you want to network with fellow techies and start something cool? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then this event is for you!

The Winter 2020 Tech Demo is an event where you or a group can present and showcase the cool tech projects you’ve been working on. Participants will first give brief lighting talks on their project, allowing other participants and interested parties to get a glimpse of all the projects at the demo. Afterwards will be a symposium where participants can demonstrate their projects in action.

Refreshments and snacks will be offered, so come for the tech and stay for the tech+food.

If you would like to participate and present, please sign up at

Host: Asynchronous Anonymous

Type: talk