CHIcago 2021 Symposium

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May 5, 2021 at 9:00am - 1:00pm
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Abstract: CHIcago 2021 Symposium

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Hear UChicago researchers talk about their papers accepted to CHI 2021, the premier international conference on human-computer interaction.


9AM (Session 1)

Haptics (4 papers): session chair Jasmine Lu

1. Increasing Electrical Muscle Stimulation’s Dexterity by means of Back of the Hand Actuation (Presented by: Akifumi Takahashi)

2. Elevate: A Walkable Pin-Array for Large Shape-Changing Terrains (Presented by Kongpyung Moon)

3. Preserving Agency During Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training Speeds up Reaction Time Directly After Removing EMS (Presented by Shunichi Kasahara)

4. Touch&Fold: A Foldable Haptic Actuator for Rendering Touch in Mixed Reality (Presented by Shan-Yuan Teng)

10.30AM (Session 2)

Privacy & Remote Learning (2 papers): session chair Brennan Schaffner

5. Understanding the Security and Privacy Advice Given to Black Lives Matter Protesters (Presented by Maia Boyd)

6. User Authentication via Electrical Muscle Stimulation (Presented by Yuxin Chen)

11.30AM (Session 3)

Interacting and Visualizing in new ways (4 papers): session chair Brian Hempel

7. Stereo-Smell via Electrical Trigeminal Stimulation (Presented by Jas Brooks)

8. Integrated Visualization Editing via Parameterized Declarative Templates (Presented by Andrew McNutt)

9. MagnetIO: Passive yet Interactive Soft Haptic Patches Anywhere (Presented by Alex Mazursky)

10. Understanding Trigger-Action Programs Through Novel Visualizations of Program Differences (Presented by Valerie Zhao)

Type: talk