Prof. Heather Zheng Talks Amazon Go Tech and Privacy on Chicago Tonight

October 25, 2018

As Amazon opens more of its cashier-less Amazon Go convenience stores in Chicago and around the country, consumer curiosity increases around the technology that makes the stores possible — and the privacy concerns that come with its use in a retail setting. On October 24th, Neubauer Professor of Computer Science Heather Zheng joined WTTW's Chicago Tonight for a discussion of these topics and whether the Amazon Go model is an anomaly or the future of shopping.

In the interview, Zheng briefly describes how Amazon uses cameras, sensors, machine learning and computer vision to automatically charge customers for the merchandise they select, and how the compay can use that data even after you've left the store.

“If they know what you want or are able to track what you’re buying now … they personalize everything to you, they can send you coupons and say, oh, maybe you should navigate to this particular store or this particular aisle so that we have the right merchandise for you," Zheng said.

You can watch the full segment below, or read an article about it at the WTTW site.