3rd Annual Greater Chicago Area System Research Workshop (GCASR) 2014

3rd Annual Greater Chicago Area System Research Workshop (GCASR) 2014

University of Chicago, Chicago IL -- May 19th, 2014

Logan Arts Center, site of the 3rd Annual GCASR


Keynote Presentation: 


Introduction/Opening Remarks


Keynote from Eugene H. Spafford, Purdue University




Session 1: Embedded/Mobile/Wireless
Towards A Trustworthy Android Ecosystem
Yan Chen, Northwestern
Coordinating Accuracy-Aware Applications and Power-Aware Systems
Henry Hoffmann, University of Chicago
Wireless Sensor Nodes Key Exchange Protocol Ideas for Structural Health Monitoring Bridges
Graciela Perera, Northeastern Illinois University




Poster Session 1


Session 2: Internet and Cloud
Network Syntax - Characterizing Inter-domain Traffic from Traceroutes
Fabian E. Bustamante, Northwestern University
The Case for Limpware-Tolerant Systems
Haryadi Gunawi, University of Chicago
Galaxy: A High-Performance Energy-Efficient Multi-Chip Architecture Using Photonic Interconnects
Nikos Hardavellas, Northwestern University




Session 3: Data-Intensive Computing
Cross-Layer Abstractions and Run-time for I/O Software Stack of Extreme-Scale Systems
Florin Isaila, Argonne National Laboratory & University Carlos III
Distributed Storage Systems for Extreme-Scale Data-Intensive Computing
Ioan Raicu, Illinois Institue of Technology
Swift: Implicitly Parallel Programming from Multicore to Petascale
Michael Wilde, Argonne National Laboratory & University of Chicago


Poster Session 2


Programming Systems and Visualization
Deterministic Concurrency: Approaching PThreads Parity
Jakob Eriksson, University of Illinois Chicago
Diderot: A Domain-Specific Language for Portably Parallel Scientific Visualization and Image Analysis
Gordon Kindlmann, University of Chicago


Closing Remarks






Poster Session 1
Poster Title
CAPED: Context-aware Personalized Display Brightness for Mobile Devices Matthew Schuchhardt Northwestern University
Guarded Modules: Adaptively Extending the VMM's Privileges into the Guest Kyle Hale Northwestern University
Distributed Garbage Collection at Extreme Scale in Swift/T Timothy Armstrong University of Chicago
Generalized Pattern Matching Micro-Engine Yuanwei Fang University of Chicago
A Case Study in Preserving a High Energy Physics Application Haiyan Meng University of Notre Dame
DeltaDB: A Scalable Database Design for Time-Varying Schema-Free Data Peter Ivie University of Notre Dame
Void-Searching Algorithm for Failure Prediction on IBM Blue Gene/Q Eduardo Berrocal Illinois Institute of Technology
Improving the Performance of Multi-Tenant Storage with I/O Sheltering Tiratat Patana-anake University of Chicago
Static Analysis Tool for Limplock Detection Riza Suminto University of Chicago
Smart Allocation of Communication Bandwith for Extreme Scale Systems Zhou Zhou Illinois Institute of Technology
Fast Software Model Checking for Fast Discovery of Failure-Related Bugs Tanakorn Leesatapornwongsa University of Chicago
EcoLaser: An Adaptive Laser Control for Energy Efficient On-Chip Photonic Interconnects Yigit Demir Northwestern University
Topology-aware Job Allocation on HPC System Xu Yang Illinois Institute of Technology
Error Checking and Snapshot-Based Recovery in a Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Solver Zachary Rubenstein University of Chicago
Expanding Tasks of Logical Workflows into Independent Workflows for Improved Scalability Nicholas Hazekamp University of Notre Dame
Power Profiling of GeMTC Many Task Computing Sean Wallace Illinois Institute of Technology
A Quantitative Evaluation of the RAPL Power Control System and A Self-adaptive Power Control Algorithm Huazhe Zhang University of Chicago
Space-filling Curves for Domain Decomposition in Scientific Simulations Aparna Sasidharan University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
The Global View Resilience Model for Future Large-Scale Unreliable Systems Aiman Fang University of Chicago
Elastic Fidelity: Trading-Off Computational Accuracy for Energy Efficiency Georgios Tziantzioulis, Ali Murat Gok Northwestern University
Achieving Efficient Distributed Scheduling with Message Queues in the Cloud for Many-Task Computing and High-Performance Computing Iman Sadooghi Illinois Institute of Technology
Data Layout Transformation Micro-Engine: A Specialized Architecture to Reduce Data Movements for Energy Efficiency Amirali Shambayati University of Chicago
Adaptive System Configuration Identification for Best Performance Guarentees Nikita Mishra University of Chicago
Network Provenance Capture and Replay with Minimal Setup Quan Pham University of Chicago
Scalable State Management for Scientific Applications on Cloud Tonglin Li Illinois Institute of Technology
Pace-to-Idle and Heuristics for Energy-aware Resource Allocation David Hong Kyun Kim University of Chicago
Performance Analysis of Applications on CPUs, GPUs and GeMTC Karthik Balasubramanian Illinois Institute of Technology
A Study of Fair Memory Access in Multicore Systems Saeid Barati University of Chicago


Poster Session 2
Poster Title
Mapping DBMS Contents by using Forensic Analysis James Wagner Depaul University
Achieving Data-Aware Load Balancing through Distributed Queues and Key/Value Stores Ke Wang Illinois Institute of Technology
Understanding Multi-Dimensional Torus Network Performance through Simulations Sandeep Palur Illinois Institute of Technology
Tracking State for Scientific Workflow Systems on Dynamic Cloud Environment Tonglin Li Illinois Institute of Technology
In Order and Exactly Once Delivery with Hierarchical Distributed Message Queue Dharmit Patel Illinois Institute of Technology
Large Scale Distributed Scheduling for HPC and MTC on Cloud Using Message Queue Services Iman Sadooghi Illinois institute of Technology
Exploring Distributed HPC Scheduling with Randomized Resource Stealing Kiran Ramamurthy Illinois Institute of Technology
Cloudsweeper: Enabling Data-Centric Document Management for Secure Cloud Archives Peter Snyder University of Illinois at Chicago
COOLR: A New System for Dynamic Thermal-Aware Computing Kaicheng Zhang Northwestern University
HRDBMS: Highly Scale Relational Database for Big Data Jason Arnold Illinois Institute of Technology
The Pitfalls and Problems of Mobile Content Delivery John Rula Northwestern University
Broadband Users Also Want A Faster Web Dipendra Kumar Jha Northwestern University
FusionFS-Cache: SSD-based Cache for Distributed File Systems Jinyang Illinois Institute of Technology
Efficient Versioning for Global Arrays Using Log-Structured Array Hajime Fujita University of Chicago/ANL
Performance and Resiliency Tradeoffs in Replicated Storage Systems John Jenkins Argonne National Laboratory
Performance and Energy Limits of an Processor-Integrated FFT Accelerator Tung Hoang University of Chicago
Modeling Large-scale I/O Workloads Using Lightweight Characterization Shane Snyder Argonne National Laboratory, MCS
A Control Theoretic Approach to Maximizing Web-Browser User Experience Under Energy Constraints Jeremy Archer University of Chicago
A Survey of State-of-the-Art NVIDIA GPU Profilers Ben Walters Illinois Institute of Technology
Accelerating WordCount with GPGPUs Jason DiBabbo Illinois Institute of Technology
A Clique of Content Curators Angela Jiang Northwestern University
The Magic Behind Failure Prediction in the Petascale Era Ana Gainaru University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Resilience and Performance Implications of Applying GVR to Monte Carlo Transport Simulation Nan Dun University of Chicago
Scalable Disk-to-disk Data Transfer with Compression Over Wide-area Networks Eun-Sung Jung Argonne National Laboratory
BNB: Bit-Nibble-Byte Microengine for Accelerating Low-Level Bit Operations Dilip Vasudevan University of Chicago
VMM-based Emulation of Intel Hardware Transactional Memory Maciej Swiech Northwestern University
Failure Prediction: What to do with Unpredicted Failures? Slim Bouguerra INRIA
Provenance for Database Transactions Bahareh Arab IIT