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Rana Hanocka
A computer graphics collective at UChicago pursuing innovation at the intersection of 3D and Deep Learning.
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Amyoli Internet Research (AIR) Lab

Marshini Chetty
Working to make the Internet more trustworthy and inclusive, drawing on human-computer interaction, usable privacy and security, ubiquitous computing, and...
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AxLab - Actuated Experience Lab

Ken Nakagaki
Designing shape-changing and reconfigurable technologies that invite people to actively engage and interact with a computationally-enhanced physical world.
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CANON (Computing for Anyone) Lab

Diana Franklin
Researching innovations in computational thinking education with an emphasis on equity and inclusion for all underrepresented populations.
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Center for Translational Data Science

Robert Grossman
A research center developing the discipline of translational data science and applying to advance biology, medicine, healthcare and environmental research.
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CERES Center for Unstoppable Computing

Andrew A. Chien
A dynamic community focused on reducing the fragility and complexity of computing systems, while also increasing their efficiency and lifetime.
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Kate Keahey, Haryadi Gunawi
A configurable experimental environment for large-scale edge to cloud research.
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Chicago Human + AI (CHAI) Lab

Chenhao Tan
Developing synergy between humans and artificial intelligence through a better understanding of human behavior and human interaction with AI.
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Michael Franklin, Aaron Elmore, Sanjay Krishnan, Raul Castro Fernandez
Conducting research on all things data, including large-scale video analysis, efficient data processing systems, and the economics of data.
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EPiQC (Enabling Practical-Scale Quantum Computing)

Fred Chong
A multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional NSF Expedition in Computing, led by UChicago, that spans quantum algorithms, software, and physical machines.
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Globus Labs

Ian Foster, Kyle Chard
Realizing a world in which all research data are reliably, rapidly, and securely accessible, discoverable, and usable.
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Human-Computer Integration Lab

Pedro Lopes
Engineering interactive devices that integrate directly with the user’s body as the natural succession to wearable interfaces.
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Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) Lab

Sarah Sebo
Developing robots that help people by engaging them in intelligent, intuitive, and purposeful social interactions.
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Large-Scale Systems Group (LSSG)

Andrew A. Chien
Exploring critical systems research questions underlying sustainable, scalable large-scale systems, including cloud, high performance, edge, and mobile/IoT computing.
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Machine Learning Group

Researchers at the University of Chicago and partner institutions studying the foundations and applications of machine learning and AI.
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Network Operations and Internet Security (NOISE) Lab

Nick Feamster
Develops data-driven systems that derive insights from network traffic and explores how network traffic can reveal insights into human behavior.
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Orecchia Group

Lorenzo Orecchia
Designing simple, efficient algorithms for foundational computational challenges arising in a variety of applications.
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Programming Languages Group

Interested in all aspects of programming language design and implementation, ranging from theoretical foundations to practical applications.
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SAND (Security, Algorithms, Networking and Data) Lab

Ben Y. Zhao, Heather Zheng
SAND Lab spans research topics in security, machine learning, networked systems, HCI, data mining and modeling.
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Strategic IntelliGence for Machine Agents (SIGMA) Lab

Haifeng Xu
Develops cutting-edge machine learning and decision making techniques that can excel in uncertain and complex strategic environments, ranging from national...
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SUPER (Security, Usability, & Privacy Education & Research) Group

Blase Ur
Focused on data-driven methods to improve online security and privacy and improving interaction for IoT and machine learning systems.
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Systems Group

A vibrant, collaborative research community with diverse, synergistic research interests spanning systems, programming languages and software engineering, software and hardware...
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Theoretical Computer Science Group

The Theory group plays a fundamental role in connecting CS with physics, statistics, and other mathematical sciences.
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UCARE (UChicago systems research on Availability, Reliability and Efficiency)

Haryadi Gunawi
Improving the dependability of storage and cloud-scale distributed systems in the context of performance stability, reliability, and scalability.
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Yanjing Li
Exploring efficient, intelligent, secure, and robust computer architectures and systems.