The department and the university provide a number of resources to help students connect with career opportunities:

  • CS Job Board: The department runs a job board where employers can advertise full-time opportunities and internships. The job board also includes sections for part-time opportunities (typically on-campus), as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Career Advancement: This is the university’s central office for undergraduate career advancement services, including a campus-wide job board for undergraduates, and career advisors.
  • UChicagoGRAD: This is the university’s central office for graduate student resources, including career advancement services.
  • Tech Talks: The department hosts tech talks from employers interested in recruiting CS students. Past speakers include Google, Facebook, Uber, and many others, including small/medium companies based in Chicago. While these tech talks happen throughout the year, most of them happen in the Autumn, the peak recruitment season for industry positions.
  • Career Advice Sessions: The department and Career Advancement host joint events throughout the year to provide students with useful pointers and resources for their job search. The main sessions take place at the start of the quarter: one for 1st/2nd/3rd year students to provide advice on how to search for internships, and one for 4th years focused on full-time jobs.
  • Graduate School resources: The Physical Sciences Division holds a day-long “Graduate School Exploration” workshop in the Fall. The department also holds joint events with Career Advancement that are intended specifically for Computer Science undergrads interested in pursuing a Masters or PhD degree.

Career-oriented events are added to the Student Activities Calendar, and are also announced on the ACM mailing list. Make sure to subscribe to this mailing list if you’d like to receive e-mail reminders of these events.