The Department of Computer Science provides a stimulating environment for scientists of different disciplines to interact and aid each other’s research, and facilitates collaborations between pre- and postdoctoral researchers and mentors from different academic backgrounds.

To pursue postdoctoral studies at the University fo Chicago, please directly contact an individual faculty member of interest.

Mentoring & Career Development

In addition to world-class research opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities, our Department and the University have various programs in place to assist our postdocs through mentoring, career development, and ultimately the job search process.

PSD Postdoc Resources

Useful links for career development, advising, writing support, and community resources.

myCHOICE: CHicago Options In Career Empowerment

myCHOICE exposes, educates, and provides our trainees with career options and experiences that leverage their strong research training. We highlight employment opportunities focused on business, education, government policy, industry, innovation, research, and the public sector.

Seminars on Grant Writing, Job Applications, and Career Development

The Biological Sciences Division puts on quarterly seminars about preparing for, acquiring, and succeeding at your ultimate career. These seminars are run by professionals in the various fields and foster a sense of community between the postdoc researchers across campus.

Fellowships Database

The University of Chicago maintains a database of fellowship opportunities for postdocs and students of all graduate and post-graduate levels.