Required application materials:

Applications to the MS in CS Full-Time Program, MS in CS Part-Time Program, and Pre-Doctoral MS in CS Program must be complete with all application requirements in order to be reviewed for admission. If you are a Joint MBA/MPCS Program Applicant, please refer to the application requirements through the Booth School of Business. 

Our application process is completed entirely online. All of your materials should be submitted electronically through the online application. We do not accept additional materials sent on paper.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters can be academic or professional. We do not have any specific prompts that must be answered in your letters. We suggest your letters speak to your technical/quantitative experience.

Letters should be on letterhead from your recommender’s university or place of employment, and come directly from your recommender’s university/professional email address.

Your application will not be reviewed until all three letters of recommendation are submitted.

GRE/GMAT Requirement

Please review the MPCS GRE/GMAT Requirement and GRE/GMAT Waiver Criteria here.

English Language Requirement

Please review UChicago GRAD’s English Language Requirements here.


Unofficial copies of documents may be submitted if electronic versions of official copies are not available. Official copies of all transcript documents will only be required upon accepting an offer of admission. Note that any material differences between an official transcript and the copy you submit with your application may result in the withdrawal of the offer of admission.

We expect all applicants to have at least a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) from an accredited school in order to apply for admission.

Application Fee

The application fee is automatically waived if you are a current University of Chicago student or an alum of the University of Chicago. Please make sure to mark that you have previously enrolled and add your UCID when prompted. The MPCS does not offer application fee waivers.

Application Status

If you want to check your application status, please go to the online application system.

Joint MBA/MPCS Program Applicants

Please visit Booth’s Admission Page and apply to the Joint MBA/MPCS Program adhering to their application deadlines and requirements.

Applicants interested in the Joint MBA/MPCS degree will apply through Booth’s centralized, joint-application process. Applicants should complete the Chicago Booth Full-Time MBA application, and select the MBA/MPCS as their program of interest. A MBA/MPCS program supplement will be available for completion within your Booth application. The supplement contains MPCS specific questions that will be reviewed by the MPCS admissions team. Admissions decisions for each program will be made independently. Applicants may receive a decision admitting them to the Booth Full-Time MBA program only or admitting them to the Joint MBA/MPCS program. Additional information can be found on the Joint MBA/MPCS Program page on the MPCS website.

Eligibility Requirements: Admission to the Joint MBA/MPCS program is completed as part of the Chicago Booth Full-time MBA application process. Students who have already started their MBA or MPCS are not eligible for the joint degree.