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Bryce Allen


Jason Anderson


Zainab Aslam

Business Assistant

Josh Blackwood

Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs, Masters Program in Computer Science

Cosmos Boekell

Director of Computer Science Instructional Laboratory (CSIL)

Devin Brooks-Davis

Student Support Assistant

Katie Clemons

Business Assistant

Adam Cooper

Sr. Cloud Computing Engineer

Marcus Criglear

Service Worker

Karin Czaplewski

Associate Director of Student Affairs, Masters Program in Computer Science

Ashlyn Dahler

Audio-Visual, Sr. Analyst

Teresa Davis

Program Assistant, Computational Analysis & Public Policy

Morgan Denlow

Deputy to the Editor in Chief Communications of the ACM

Jose Fragoso

Project Assistant IV

Jessica Garza

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies

Colin Hudler

Systems Administrator

Jeff Jackson

Assistant Program Director, MSCAPP

Amer Kaplan

Senior Research Professional Specialist

David Kelly

Sr. Specialist, Programming

Randall Landsberg

Education Outreach Director

Carmen Langford

Building Manager

Justin Laughlin

Sys Admin 3

Kathryn Mattie

Program Director of Computational Analysis & Public Policy

Montgomery Maxwell

Sr. Analyst, Data Science

Andrew McGuire

Systems Administrator 3

Ross Overbeek


Bruce Parello

Clinical Research Director

Miranda Peterson

MPCS Program Assistant

Mark Powers

Cloud Computing Developer

Sandy Quarles

Project Assistant IV, Department of Computer Science

Miranda Redenbaugh

Communications Specialist

Holly Santos

Executive Assistant to the Chair

Michael Sherman

Senior Scientist

Trevor Spreadbury

Software Engineer

Molly Stoner

Executive Director, Masters Program in Computer Science

Alyssa Szynal

Associate Program Director, Computational Analysis & Public Policy

Lara Eugenio

Business Assistant

Klaus Weide

Sr. Research Analyst

Megan Woodward

Student Affairs & Inclusion, Sr. Analyst

Kelly Woodward-Miller

Director of Admissions, Masters Program in Computer Science

Nita K. Yack

Department Manager, Department of Computer Science

Brent Yen

School Development Specialist

Zhuo Zhen

Cloud Computing Software Developer