Students in the 12-course program can choose from one of the following specializations:

  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • High Performance Computing
  • Software Engineering

In the 12-course program students must complete:

  • Six (6) Core Courses
    • (1) Algorithms course
    • (1) Programming course
    • (3) Computer Systems, Networks and Architectures courses
    • (1) Additional Algorithms or Computer Systems, Networks and Architectures core course, or a practicum course
  • Three (3) Specialization Courses in one area of Specialization
  • Three (3) Elective Courses
  • Degree-required internship

Courses that satisfy each core and elective area can be found in our Course Catalog.

Please refer to our Curriculum and Requirements page for additional course requirements. Current course offerings can be found on our Course Schedule.