Exceeding records from previous years, students and faculty from the University of Chicago’s Department of Computer Science had 12 papers accepted to the 2023 ACM conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) – the premier international gathering of human-computer interaction researchers. Two papers received honorable mentions (top 5% of submissions) and one was given a best paper award, which is reserved for only the top 1% of all submissions. The full lineup of papers showcases a wide scope of HCI research being done at UChicago, ranging from spatial interaction and data privacy in k-12 schools to wearable technology and human/robot connections.

The full list of papers and contributors can be found below:

Paper Programs:

*UChicago authors in bold.

Best Paper Award
Full-hand Electro-Tactile Feedback without Obstructing Palmar Side of Hand
Yudai Tanaka, Alan Shen, Andy Kong, Pedro Lopes
HCI Labprogram link [+demo in Interactivity]

Honorable Mention
Uncovering Privacy and Security Challenges In K-12 Schools
Jake Chanenson, Brandon Sloane (NYU), Navaneeth Rajan (NYU), Amy Morril, Jason Chee, Danny Yuxing Huang (NYU), Marshini Chetty
AIR Labprogram link

Honorable Mention
multiverse: Multiplexing Alternative Data Analyses in R Notebooks
Abhraneel Sarma (Northwestern University), Alex Kale, Michael Jongho Moon (University of Toronto), Nathan Taback (University of Toronto), Fanny Chevalier (University of Toronto), Jessica Hullman (Northwestern University), Matthew Kay (Northwestern University)
program link

AeroRigUI: Actuated TUIs for Spatial Interaction using Rigging Swarm Robots on Ceilings in Everyday Space
Lilith Yu*, Chenfeng Gao*, David Wu, Ken Nakagaki [*contributed equally]
AxLabprogram link [+ demo in Interactivity]

ThrowIO: Actuated TUIs that Facilitate “Throwing and Catching” Spatial Interaction with Overhanging Mobile Wheeled Robots
Ting-Han Lin, Willa Yunqi Yang, Ken Nakagaki
AxLabprogram link [+ demo in Interactivity]

A Study of Editor Features in a Creative Coding Classroom
Andrew McNutt, Anton Outkine, Ravi Chugh
program link

On the Design of AI-powered Code Assistants for Notebooks
Andrew McNutt, Chenglong Wang (MSR), Rob DeLine (MSR), Steven M. Drucker (MSR)
program link

JumpMod: Haptic Backpack that Modifies Users’ Perceived Jump
Romain Nith, Jacob Serfaty, Samuel G Shatzkin, Alan Shen, Pedro Lopes
HCI Labprogram link [+ demo in Interactivity]

LipIO: Enabling Lips as both Input and Output Surface
Arata Jingu, Yudai Tanaka, Pedro Lopes
HCI Labprogram link

Smell & Paste: Low-Fidelity Prototyping for Olfactory Experiences
Jas Brooks, Pedro Lopes
HCI Labprogram link

Ice-Breaking Technology: Robots and Computers Can Foster Meaningful Connections between Strangers through In-Person Conversations
Alex Wuqi Zhang, Ting-Han Lin, Xuan Zhao (Stanford University), Sarah Sebo
HRI Labprogram link

MetaExplorer: Facilitating Reasoning with Epistemic Uncertainty in Meta-analysis
Alex Kale, Sarah Lee (Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.), Terrance Goan (Stottler Henke Associates, Inc.), Elizabeth Tipton (Northwestern University), Jessica Hullman (Northwestern University)
Data Cognition Lab – program link

Other Programs

[Panel] Third Wave or Winter? The Past and Future of Smell in HCI
(UChicago Members) Jas Brooks, Pedro Lopes
program link

[Panel] Emerging Transdisciplinary Perspectives to Confront Dark Patterns
(UChicago Members) Brennan Schaffner
program link

[Workshop] Sharing and Experiencing Hardware and Methods to Advance Smell, Taste, and Temperature Interfaces
(UChicago Co-organizers) Jas Brooks, Pedro Lopes
workshop page

[Workshop] Living Bits and Radical Aminos: A Workshop on Bio-Digital Interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction
(UChicago Co-organizers) Jasmine Lu
program link

[Informal Meetup] XR Meetup
(UChicago Co-organizers) Pedro Lopes
info page

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