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UChicago CS News

Scientists Use Artificial Intelligence to Detect Gravitational Waves

Jul 16, 2021
UChicago CS News Digital Transformation Institute Announces CFP to Advance AI for Energy and Climate Security

Feb 02, 2021
UChicago CS News

UChicago CS Professor Rick Stevens Named ACM Fellow

Jan 16, 2021
UChicago CS News

Globus Celebrates Ten Years of Connecting the Research Universe

Nov 10, 2020
UChicago CS News

Globus Reaches One Exabyte Milestone in Research Data Management

Oct 08, 2020
UChicago CS News

Cloud Computing Testbed Chameleon Launches Third Phase with Focus on IoT and Reproducibility

Aug 14, 2020
UChicago CS News

Four New Faculty Join UChicago Computer Science for 2020-21

Jul 27, 2020
UChicago CS News

New Project Seeks Greener Computing By Granting Equipment “Second Life”

Jun 26, 2020