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Ali Javadi Abhari

Non-degree Visiting Student (Chong)

Yali Amit

Departments of Computer Science and Statistics
Senior Fellow,
Computation Institute

Research Interests: Computer Vision, Image Analysis and Speech Recognition


Computer vision, image analysis and speech recognition: Object detection, recognition and model registration algorithms in digital images and acoustic data using hierarchies of templates. Applications to optical character recognition, zip code reading, face detection and recognition, automatic anatomy identification in medical images, detection and recognition of acoustic signals. Computational efficiency is emphasized. Statistical modeling and analysis of the data for understanding the performance of the algorithms. Parallel and biologically plausible neural architectures for implementing these algorithms involving interactions with research on biological visual and acoustic pattern recognition.

László Babai

George and Elizabeth Yovovich Professor,
Departments of Computer Science and Mathematics

Research Interests: Theory, Discrete Mathematics


I work in the fields of theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics; more specifically in computational complexity theory, algorithms, combinatorics, and finite groups, with an emphasis on the interactions between these fields. Asymptotic questions and probabilistic methods are common features in my work in each of these areas. The introduction of Las Vegas algorithms, interactive proofs, holographic proofs (proofs verifiable by spotchecks) are among the conceptual highlights. A recent example: methods of the complexity theories of Boolean circuits and branching programs have been brought to bear on the analysis of a popular random sampling technique in computational group theory.

Jonathan Baker

PhD Student

Bruno Barbarioli

PhD Student

Timothy Black

Josh Blackwood

Student Affairs Representative
Masters Program in Computer Science


  • B.S. Indiana University 2012

David Cash

Associate Professor,
Department of Computer Science

Research Interests: Applied and Theoretical Cryptography, Computer Security, Theoretical Computer Science

Research Interests

 Applied and Theoretical Cryptography, Computer Security, Theoretical Computer Science

Amitabh Chaudhary

Associate Clinical Professor
Masters Program in Computer Science

Andrew A. Chien

William Eckhardt Dist. Svc. Professor, Computer Science
Director, CERES Ctr for Unstoppable Computing
Senior Computer Scientist, Argonne
Editor in Chief, Communications of the ACM

Research Interests: Systems


Applications, system software, networking, and architecture. Current focus on datacenter and Exascale system architecture, programming, and resilience; Data-intensive computing tools that are easy to use; embedded and mobile computing, user-interaction, and sensor arrays.

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Frederic Chong

Seymour Goodman Professor,
Department of Computer Science

Research Interests: Systems, Computer Architecture, Emerging Technologies for Computing, Multicore and Embedded Architectures, Computer Security, and Sustainable Computing

Nicholas Collins

PhD Student